Spin transport in mesoscopic systems

Spin electronics  also named spintronics is an active and rapid developing field of condensed matter physics. Its main concern is devoted to devices that  combine electronic and magnetic properties.

On one hand spintronic devices are currently used in our everyday life (magnetic memories, magnetic read head) and therefore possess the character of an applied science.  On the other hand many questions of fundamental science arise, in particular in connection with superconductivity (superspintronics), or if we include thermal effects (spin caloritronics) and finally in connection with a new class of material the so called topological insulators (topotronics).

The  goals of this ongoing research is to tackle both these aspects of spintronics. The standard theoretical tools that we used and developed, belongs to the framework of the mesoscopic physics, a field of condensed matter physics, that obviously refers to systems which are somewhere in between macroscopic (i.e. classical) and microscopic  (i.e. quantum) systems.


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