Seminar "Cold atoms and quantum transport"


05/12: Jeong-Bo ShimDeformed Microcavity and Numerical Technique for its Analysis
16/10: Carlos Parra-Murillo: Many-body effects and resonant tunneling in the Wannier-Stark system
17/05: Cyril Petitjean: Graphene Induced Topological Insulator
28/02: Benoît Vermersch:
Dynamics of ultracold bosons in disordered lattices


14/06: Karen Rodriguez: Quantum ratchets
03/02: Boris Nowak: Nonthermal fixed points, vortex statistics and superfluid turbulence
09/01: Cyril Petitjean: Giant Magneto Resistance in nano-pillars to spin torque in  domain  wall (unified approach)


07/11:  Sandro Wimberger: Many-body dynamics in open ultracold atomic systems
13/10: Simon MoulierasEffects of nonlinearities on the propagation of light - Analogy with transport phenomena of Bose-Einstein condensates
Iva Brezinova: Dynamics of BECs in the mean-field: wave chaos and the breakdown of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation


10/12: Arturo Argüelles: Polar and Spinor gases in 1D optical lattices
20/04: Thierry Bastin: Cooling of Iron atoms
30/03: John Martin: Cold atoms micromaser
Julien Dujardin: Theory of atom lasers

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